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Help us build Room for Work Autism & Disability platform. We will change the quality of life of one billion people on the autism & Disability’s by:

Building a social business community platform with LinkedIn features, which enables Autism Spectrum services to help unemployed highly capable people (autistic and disabled) connect with employers. Room for Work will give mental health organizations (government departments) a tool to guide and help the disabled find work that fits their abilities.
After 17 years of social media work in trying to help Autism & disabled people with LinkedIn as an employment platform, I was not successful.

The failure of all the popular social media platforms (i.e. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google plus) to address the issue of connecting unemployed disables with employers does not mean we are giving up. These results (i.e. failure) is actually driving us to a new idea: build from the ground up a platform using today’s market experience and new technology ability (i.e. AI). A platform which is more inclusive to offers a brighter future. Mathieu has been methodically and gradually learning from mistakes disabled job seekers are facing to create Room for Work platform idea.

Matheiu Vaassen

Help us by connecting on LinkedIn:

Participating in our Network group for Autism & Disability (on LinkedIn) and joining discussions on different topics or areas of your choice.
Mathieu’s LinkedIn Profile use the email address to send me an invitation.
Please send us your articles and/or event information news about successful project completion, government policy issues (new programs or decisions) or any news items related to the rights of people with autism.
RoomForWork is looking to establish a strategic collaboration with your organization (on LinkedIn and our blog) if you share our concerns and goals.

Putting our efforts together:

Volunteering and using your skills to contribute to our work: writing, publishing, editing, translating (English, French, Spanish, German, WordPress, LinkedIn), social media promotion and management (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram). If you can also help in building out social-media networks, this will help get our mission message working. We are building a software platform, communities and best practices to help individuals, companies and state health organizations. This is a huge task and critical to many people and countries.

Fundraising on behalf of Room for Work: if you are concerned about this topic and have access to investors and donors, we will be able to develop and promote our platform.

Corporate partnerships: Room for Work is looking for corporations and government agencies which would like to employ autistic spectrum and other disable workers. Essentially to make jobs which are available to the RoomForWork community by posting on the blog or having a page for your organization. (i.e. UK/NHS : jobs for ASD (Autism Spectrum) workers)

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