I started out with two dreams: first to start an airline aviation company and late a project for people with a Disability’s and Autism.

My choice was to start an airline aviation company because I also had the logistic experience, this choice was obvious.

After concluding contracts with leading post-cargo companies in the world, I set up 3 airline lines with medical applications, and I also started a value-transport aircraft in Europe because the safety of the drivers on the road was at great risk. This was safe and efficient via the air. I did the safety procedures at the airport to make sure everything went well.

We bought a house and a new car and the company went according to plan, we received more and more orders and requests to expand the Air cargo lines in Europe, in particular, emergency flights to deliver medical applications via air to the hospital. I regularly flew with the pilot in the cockpit to also experience this and that was fantastic.

But on a normal working day I received a phone call from the airline manager that my plane had crashed, and within a few seconds I got a feeling in my stomach that cannot be described, because my dream comes to an end, I had to make an immediate decision to transfer all work to my Partner aircraft company to prevent claims.

The result of this is that I have been declared bankrupt, lost my house and car and had no work anymore. The world in which I lived completely collapses.

During the time a traumatic accident happened this resulted in partially Paralyzation. Because of this, I could not be a productive member of society anymore. According to the diagnose from the specialists I could not help or recover, I became disabled sustained brain damage. After a while, I somewhat recovered this was according to the specialists that diagnosed me before not possible. After some years I started to think about it how I can improve my situation and of those who share the same faith as me.

So I started thinking about my second dream, my last one this choice was obvious.

For the past 4 years, I extensively researched the possibility’s in improving the social standing in society for disabled & Autistic people how to increase their quality of life. How to improve a possible career for Autistic & disabled people and get them back out there. The rise of social media made it easier to find and target certain kinds of target audiences but after 17 years there is still no social platforms that connect

In other words, we need to build a Platform for Autism and Disabilities and this concerns a group of nearly 1 billion people worldwide.

Because of this, I started RoomForWork officially in 2018. Eventually, I got the attention of the European Union & United Nations, the European Union Sir. B. Smulders invited me for a presentation, Sir. B. Smulders was very impressed.

Artificial intelligence (AI) Dysgraphia

Have Bad Handwriting? Let’s this Robot do it for you

How many people cannot write due to any illness, this device writes for you in your own language and signature, this is one of the possible examples.

In my search for partners – Investors have shown that many people already offer themselves as Angels investors, but in reality, these are people who perform consultancy.

In the meantime we have found a company in Silicon valley that can build this platform, the team is standby, the only thing we miss is a reliable investor.

So we need help to build this Dream en help the forgotten 1 billion people.

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