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Mathieu Vaassen CEO RoomForWork LLC

During the time a traumatic accident happened this resulted in partially Paralyzation. Because of this, I could not be a productive member of society anymore. According to the diagnose from the specialists I could not help or recover, I became disabled sustained brain damage. After a while, I somewhat recovered this was according to the specialists that diagnosed me before not possible. After some years I started to think about it how I can improve my situation and of those who share the same faith as me.

So I started thinking about my second dream, my last one this choice was obvious.

For the past 4 years, I extensively researched the possibility’s in improving the social standing in society for disabled & Autistic people how to increase their quality of life. How to improve a possible career for Autistic & disabled people and get them back out there. The rise of social media made it easier to find and target certain kinds of target audiences but after 17 years there is still no social platforms that connect

In other words, we need to build a Platform for Autism and Disabilities and this concerns a group of nearly 1 billion people worldwide.

Syntyche Jennings Blogger, Author, Public Speaker, DataFreak, Graduate Student Future I/O Psychologist-BCBA

Corey Hollemeyer Human Resources Volunteer at Jewish Association on Aging

“My greatest passion is to bring individuals, families and employers together for collaborating positive change, one individual at a time.” Syntyche Jennings, B.S., BCaBA Since 2003, Syntyche has been working in the field of Behavior Analysis and has worked with group homes, private families, schools, and internationally to reach client specific goals. Syntyche Jennings received her bachelors in Behavior Analysis from Kaplan University (2015). Syntyche now attends Capella University where she is completing a Masters in I/O Psychology. She uses what he learns from Graduate school to inspire content for her YouTube channel, Oh!OBM. Currently, Syntyche is a Board-Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst (BCaBA). Her previous experience consists of the treatment of challenging behavior in individuals with developmental disabilities including Autism, ADHD, ODD, phobia, and anxiety disorders. Her experience also includes parent training as coordination with parents in each child’s case presents an evidence-based way to ensure each child can benefit fully from the services received. In order to be objective with each child, Syntyche bases all decisions and plans on data collection and data analysis.

I advocate for the employment of autistic people. These individuals face unique challenges in the process of finding and maintaining employment, and as a result, they have a very high unemployment rate. Professional transitioning to Human Resources with an emphasis on servant leadership, strategic organizational development, and creating exemplary organizational cultures. I have five years of experience in various parts of the healthcare industry, which would be beneficial in that arena.

I have a very strong education and skill set for that environment including a BA in anthropology, foreign language knowledge, a strong appreciation for diversity, and experience living abroad for one year as a graduate student.

Bettering workplaces and helping people succeed is a passion of mine. Some of my past improvements include: gaining access to previously restricted high-dollar accounts, finding new opportunities for revenue, document scanning process improvements, instituting a recycling program, and suggesting a simple, no-cost process change that resulted in a minimum savings of 40 productivity hours per month in my last internship.