Room for Work is associated with Autism Europe. Autism Europe is a multinational government-sponsored effort. Above are included member states of Autism Europe. Room for Work is inspired by organizations like Autism Europe, which organize and promote the cooperation of Autism related information and support across borders.

Room for Work as an Autism work platform

What Autism Europe and other government (and NGOs) are doing on paper, with meetings, local groups and government support we are aiming to do in the digital world. Essentially bringing Autism tools using all of today’s popular internet and mobile formats: social media, work networking, government sponsorship, and specialist work management. Our aim is to give government organization and sponsoring businesses the platform to attract, qualify and manage workers with autism spectrum syndrome. We are unifying the forces of government, business, and technology to tap into a vast resource which today is more of a burden than a productive asset: the unique Autism technically capable workforce.

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