Room for Work is a 17-year-old idea. The work we are doing has evolved from an idea to a detailed plan and concrete agreements with government agencies. Essentially we are using today’s social media technology to help Autistic Spectrum workers connect with potential employers. We are also working to establish relationships with government health departments to support people challenged in getting full-time work. We are at a point in time where the development work itself needs to get started (design, programming, testing, and marketing). We are looking for donations to start developing the platform, at this point we will offer free membership to individuals and organizations. Each individual contributing $ 100 will have a free personal account for five years. Each organization that contributes  $ 1,000 will have a free year of job listing service. At this point, we are taking donations directly. We will have a crowdfunding campaign starting in late 2019 or early 2020. Please contact Mathieu Vaassen directly to make a donation.

If you represent a government agency, please Contact Mathieu Vaassen [LinkedIn profile] and let us know what is your interest (are you looking to support Room for Work? are you looking to help define the platform? are you interested in collaborating with other European states or agencies?)

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