How Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a game-changer in Social Media

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a comprehensive technology in which computers are used to make data-driven decisions or perform repetitive tasks. Computer intelligence is already being used in almost every sector. Today we can extend what was done in the last twenty years with the use of new AI technology (i.e.  LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter).

What do you want to achieve with AI?

Discovering what customers want, optimizing processes and increasing scale, reach and quality – these are just a few examples of what our specialists want to achieve with AI. Using computers to do thinking offers great possibilities, but it is not a final goal by itself. What do we want to achieve with the use of AI? What problem do you want to solve with it? And how do you ensure that you can rely on the effects and results of artificial intelligence? These are questions which lead us to opportunities in designing and developing a new social media platform. 

Artificial Intelligence can mean this for your organization, among other things.

  • Better understand who are your customers: their needs and what they are looking to solve (their real problems).
  • More control over the business and financial risks: focus your business on what is critical to your success.
  • Better plans for an uncertain future: try to predict what are the next steps in development, competitive position and operations.

Organizations want to understand their customers well in order to better serve them. Customer segmentation is a first step in focusing your work at what people actually need. In the employment and recruiting, today we are guessing and reading too much into resumes and career description (i.e. in LinkedIn and Facebook). The smart organization with a customer database can sharpen your search for employees. Especially in the areas where Room for Work is focused: specialist in the digital transformation era. Where the is a shortage of workers in the low rank of the work pyramid (support, order processing, CRM). Room for Work is seeing the huge gap in need as well as the totally untapped Autism community (especially young, especially technologically experienced). There is no reason why a young man who can play video games can not read and write (classify, sort, answer) low-level customer requests at home in her/his own “room”. This is the idea which Mathieu has been presenting for the last decade. The need is there with a huge potential population of over a million people (just in the EU). Matching what people are able to do with your needs makes for the solution which Room for Work wants to develop.

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