Imagine walking into a business as a consumer knowing that if given the right opportunity, you could create a product or idea that may just be, the greatest idea the company has ever heard of? Of course, you could seek employment at this company and go through the ropes of the application, phone interview, in-person interview and hope for a great outcome. That is the typical expectation of those who are living daily life without autism or ‘life on the spectrum.’ For others who are autistic, this process is daunting and downright aversive. You see, for people who are living on the spectrum of autism, the thought of presenting themselves as a job applicant and further finishing the hiring process requires significant effort. Why? It is not because of a lack of talent. The talent is there as nationally, some 82% of college graduates who have autism have no employment. While these graduates with autism have great attributes outside of talent like attention to detail, high productivity and autonomy. There are some drawbacks for employers. To name a few anxieties, lack of social skills, social cues, independence, decision making, self-care. The employer is simply not able to understand and manage people with autism because they have not been trained to do so. Yes, this is a training issue! One that can be fixed by demonstrating to employers that they are not truly tapping into the talent market by overlooking individuals who are autistic. This is no fault of the employers or individuals with ASD Autism Spectrum Disorder. It is professionals who have the knowledge and know-how who need to close the gap. What type of professional can bridge the gap between skills training for individuals with autism to enter the workplace successfully and training employers to seek, manage and grow individuals with autism to integrate them into the workplace? Professionals who work in the Applied Behavior Analysis and I/O Psychologists can bridge this gap. My name is Syntyche Jennings. I am a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst with a Bachelors degree in Applied Behavior Analysis- Psychology who is proficient with client behavior and skill development. I am also a graduate student in a Psychology degree program for I/O Psychologists who will also complete a Board Certification in Behavior Analysis after completion of the Master’s degree. Many employers are unsure who can assist them in training to employ individuals with autism however, it can be done successfully with the skill of an I/O Psychologist with a strong ABA background.

Syntyche Jennings

B.S., BCaBA received her bachelors in Behavior Analysis from Kaplan University/Purdue Global in (2015). Syntyche now attends Capella University where she is completing a Masters in I/O Psychology. She uses what she learns from Graduate school to inspire content for her YouTube channel


What is more, many websites that are designed for networking and job-seeking are only designed with the ‘typical’ population in mind. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a website that was able to assist autistic individuals to reach social independence and increase their opportunities in the job market? RoomForWork is building an Austim and Disability platform to aid in making a dynamic change to the quality of life for one billion people with Autism. Join us in using technology to bring a brighter future to our Autism community and to employers who are looking for their next superstars in the workplace.

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