For the past years, I extensively researched the possibility’s in improving the social standing in society for Autism & disabled people how to increase their quality of life. How to improve a possible career for disabled people and get them back out there. The rise of social media made it easier to find and target certain kinds of target audiences but after 17 years there is still no social platforms that connect and support Autism & disabled audiences, even the most popular media platform fail to do so.

Because of this, I started RoomForWork years ago. Eventually, I got the attention of the European Union. The president from the cabinet of the European Union Sir. B. Smulders invited me for a presentation. Sir. B. Smulders was very impressed and want to support this project.

It became clear after the presentation at Autism Europe that there is still an insurmountable pile of work to be done. The role that RoomForWork can fulfill is to build a platform that creates synergy between all autism organizations within Europe end outside. This platform gives the current 70 million Autism & 850 million disabled people a chance connect work and learn with each other, this doesn’t only create synergy between the autism organizations itself but also for the targeted audiences. Information and data will be more accessible and easier to manage which will result in optimal communication flows.
Therefore we need a platform that makes sure that the current 70 million disabled people in Europe and 850 million worldwide can connect and work with each other and with the corresponding organizations.

Eventually, I want to create a collaboration with the 71 Autism organizations in Europe, the EU government and the United Nations one central point where the flows of information and data are optimized and finding a place in this world for their skills and expertise despite being disabled. My My dream is to meet people within those bodies of governments that can advise and assist me in making this reality and create unity for the forgotten audience of this world.

The services RoomForWork will provide are as follows

To improve the quality of life and chances to a successful job for people with autism or any other disability. To support gender equality for woman and to effectively increase their chances on the job market furthermore to stimulate developments which do so.

  • To support and stimulate strategies and technologies in helping to find young people productive work within society.
  • To develop strong partnerships with organizations within the private sector and social sector to stimulate and develop strategies that help fight against poverty.
  • To make sure that the advantages of new technology especially information and communication technology are accessible for everyone notably disabled audiences who are excluded from the current social media platforms.

With RoomForWork we create a new world within social media that binds and to structure the forgotten audiences. It will be a tool for everyone to benefit.

Why revitalize international partnerships and sustainable developments?

In 2015 the world leaders agreed and committed themselves to a new agenda for 2030. they all agreed that the world needs new sustainable developments that end world poverty and to effectively combat climate change. We need everybody in this fight, we need to work together with governments private and social sectors alike. But why? Well, we are all citizens of this world if we do not take care of the planet and each other we are doomed to fail.

We need to put more emphasis on partnerships and research agreements in order to change the world for the better. What we need to do in order to accomplish this agenda. We need to mobilize current as non-current recourses, technological developments, financial resources, capital construction, third world countries, and Multi-stakeholder partnerships will be crucial between European and international countries in order to truly impact the world and speed up the project.
How can we make sure that the recourses and developments are used effectively and correctly?
This will be mainly the responsibility of the participating countries. There will be regular evaluations whereby the social sector and business sector as well the different interest groups are concerned. The country will share their results on a regional level.

Results will be shared at the annual meeting were at the highest level of a political forum for sustainable developments to draw up the balance sheet at global level. To identify new problems and discuss and analyze new solutions.

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