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Participatiewet (NL)

Sinds 1 januari 2015 is de Participatiewet van kracht. Deze wet vervangt deWet werk en bijstand (Wwb), deWet sociale werk- voorziening (Wsw) en een groot deel van deWet werk en arbeidsondersteuning jonggehandicapten (Wajong). De Participatiewet heeft als doel zoveel mogelijk mensen naar werk toe te leiden. Iedereen die kan werken maar het op de arbeidsmarkt zonder ondersteuning niet redt, valt onder deParticipatiewet.

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Diversity and the Solution

Disabled-friendly services (such as internet accessibility) are scarce. Business leaders need to change internal diversity, but how? New and innovative ways of integration into the labor market of the most vulnerable groups like the 1.6 billion disabled people. This group includes people discriminated against on the basis of disability and health, age, gender, language, racial or ethnic origin, sexual orientation, civil and family status, and religious belonging as a prime reason for this. 

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Over the last 18 months, we have seen technology enable a new way of working and connecting with others – from the comfort of our own homes. For some this digital transformation has been life-changing. Ruby Jones spoke out about being able to keep a full-time job due to the move to digital remote working that digital transformation linked to ed-tech, remote working, fin-tech, and networking are the areas that can drive people with disabilities towards greater inclusion and success in the workplace. By focusing on developing tech to support these areas, we can create a fair society that enables and gives access to everyone.  

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